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Checkerboard Nightmare: SuperChex

Checkerboard Nightmare by Kris Straub!

Knife rays. Knife.

Knife rays.

Knife. Rays.



My StickWithNailsIn Beam(TM) can blunt those at 10000 parsecs.

Cyber it up

A really up-with-the-zeitgeist superherocomicsmith would exploit the web, using Flashmations and rollover-popups to layer on even more layers of personality anchovy and subtext sausage on a McCloudian Infinite Pizza-Base.

I loves me da Chex.

Howard Tayler's picture

As always, Straub's work is brilliant on multiple levels. At least two of those levels are places I can't even fit a flashlight, and yet he shines like a shopping-center flood.

Schlock Mercenary

Let me be the first to say

Vaporware! We missed, you, kid! :D