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Angus Oblong. Live. Nude.

Got this in the mail from Angus Oblong, and though it does not involve a comic this time, it does involve meeting one heck of a funny/morbid comic demigod, so... Human race, Come meet Angus Oblong himself! Live. Nude. Thursday, May 4th is a reception with Angus Oblong himself present! Click here for info: Punch and pie. It's very close! It's in Alberta, Canada. When you get to Boise, Idaho head north. Then on Saturday, May 7th, Mr. Oblong will be signing at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. (Click on GUESTS.) Also: The television pilot, "Deliriously Jen" (written and directed by Angus Oblong) will be playing in the Toronto Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, May 18th thru the 28th. So be sure to stay for that! (It's in the Gay & Lesbian fest because the episode is entitled, "Fags Suck.") (Which I've found exactly three times in my life to be true.) (I was drunk and feeling a bit experimental.) (Please do not tell my wife.) "Deliriously Jen" will also be showing at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California (On Hollywood Blvd) on Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm! Angus Oblong himself will be present for Q and A after the screening. (Unless he's dead by then. Then he won't.) Please consider flying to Canada and California for these spectacular Oblong events, even if you can not stand his work. Angus Oblong.

Re: Angus Oblong. Live. Nude.

I found this to be very helpful. And informative. And I went to it. And Angus Oblong was great.


Angus Oblong.