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Unknown Webcomic Cavalcade

It's been called to my attention that I usually only promote webcomics on my own server. Well, you know, duh. That's my job. Besides that, for the most part, webcomics on my own server are the only ones I read -- for no other reason than that I'm busy, busy, busy, and spending time working on my server necessarily causes me to read the comics there. I don't have a lot of time for any other activities, period. My PSP is languishing! My books go unread! Argh!

But every now and then somebody recommends a comic to me from outside my little world that I can't resist. I Am a Rocket Builder is one of those. It's odd and funny (I mean truly funny, but not in an obvious punchline-driven way) and experiments just enough with the form of webcomics to intrigue, without self-indulgence or pretension (though I suppose some would disagree).

For example: Click the Octopus's body. Go ahead.

The artist has said that this kind of silly interactivity is "cheap," and has resolved not to do it anymore. I guess I agree. But go! Click! Anyway!

Now were talking! That's a

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Now were talking! That's a dick joke. Not the pansy-ass stuff everyone was getting their panties in a bunch over for nothing.

And Joey, if you change anything about what you say in public because of the idiots (especially in "THAT" thread) then the terrorists win. Stick to your guns. Or dicks. Farts. Whatever. It wasn't about dicks and farts anyway. Recommend anything you like no matter who's server it's on.

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New Webhead?

I'm just hoping there'll be a new Webhead up sometime soon to wash the bad taste of that last flamefest out of the community.

I may go back to it, but I'm

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I may go back to it, but I'm too busy right now to deal with the community politics that necessarily come from writing Webhead (especially controversial installments, of course, which stirred up public drama and recriminations, but even the relatively non-controversial columns stirred up politics in the background -- like when I'd interview somebody, then get 50 requests from various people wanting me to interview them, many of whom got angry when I said no). So, yeah, I'm thinking it's a lot more trouble than it's worth, at this point. I dunno.


Speaking of Dick Jokes

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Have you all seen this comic yet? It's a riot! Jamie Dee Galey and Fred Grisolm's Filthhole

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Now that's the kind of dick

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Now that's the kind of dick joke I can really stand up for!


Man, that ticks me off...

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I had a feeling all the nitwits leaping on the animations as 'not truly interactive' etc would influence B. Shur to stop exactly what was so charming about the series. I liked the idea of being able to play without actually being able to break down the fourth wall there... but the clamouring jackasses win I guess.

As for being liked or not, it's ephemeral, don't mention it and it'll likely change on its own...

There are worse fates than

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There are worse fates than being known, even inaccurately, as the guy who doesn't like dick and fart jokes! It's a burden I'll bear without melodrama.


1. I am not as unliked

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1. I am not as unliked around these parts as you might think! Anytime I see a comic I like, I try to mention it -- just part of being a comics fan!

2. The creator himself said it was "cheap" under the recent comic with the bird and the bookshelves. I'm not sure if I agree with him (is it a he? I'm not sure) or not, but I figure if he said it, I guess I maybe try to see his point. Or maybe it's just a pun. Bird, cheap, cheep. I dunno. I agree that the comic is really, really, really great, though!

tish tosh

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I am not as unliked around these parts as you might think!

It's like dealing with Rush Limbaugh's "ditto-heads" sometimes, isnt it?


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1. I know why you're not

1. I know why you're not well liked 'round these parts. I've even made fun of you myself [view]. But I don't think you owe it to anyone to promote/read their comic. I've read that Keen is a "hunting ground" for comics, and this has caused you trouble as well. I don't see what's wrong with that practice. I thought that was the whole point of joining one of these networks/groups/collectives of comics.

2. I'm active on the Rocket Builder forums. IMO, I think it's one of the 10 best comics being made. The statement that use of animation is "cheap", is nonsense.