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List of Webcomics About Movies?

May's issue will be about movies so why not compile a list of webcomics about movies.  Add yours here.  Thanks!

Please Rewind - Deals with

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Please Rewind - Based on two friends who start their own video store. It deals with movies on both the theater and home video angle and is getting ready to come out of a hiatus just in time for the summer movie season.

Haunted Pixel Studios

B-Movie Comic

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There's the B-Movie Comic by Roman Wunderlich, which parodies classic movie archtypes. The first storyline was a parody of the quintessential mummy movie, and now he's moved on to parodying slashers.

Quite an amusing effort, especially when you consider that English is not Roman's first language.

D. Robert Hamm
Blue Crash Kit

D. Robert Hamm
Blue Crash Kit

Does it have to be part of

Does it have to be part of the comic's premise, or do individual storylines count?

I'm not going to put anyone in the penalty box for posting

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I was initially thinking about comics like Theater Hopper in their focus on movies, but I think links to parody storylines or storylines about movies would be good too.  There's probably a lot more of those then comics solely devoted to the topic.



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Hm... Well, so far we've

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Hm... Well, so far we've riffed on Rocky Horror, Army of Darkness, Serenity, Bond movies, MIB, zombie movies in general, etcetera. I try to work some sort of movie or tv show parody into every storyline, although it isn't always the main focus.

D. Robert Hamm
Blue Crash Kit

D. Robert Hamm
Blue Crash Kit

I think everybody has riffed

I think everybody has riffed on Army Of Darkness.

Does parody count?

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Does parody count?

Multiplex, Joe Loves Crappy Movies and Theater Hopper

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Multiplex is a weekly, digitally-illustrated webcomic revolving around the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas. It's by me, so I've listed it first.

Tom Brazelton's Theater Hopper is the most popular and longest-running movie-related comic (that I know of), and stars some blonde guy and Ben Affleck. :) Hi, Tom.

Joe Dunn has his own spin on movie reviews at Joe Loves Crappy Movies. He recently use the Multiplex characters in a strip, but my lawyer advises me not to discuss this in public until we've agreed on what action to take.

The Comic Critic takes a more literal, less gag-oriented approach to "movie review comics" than either Chris or Joe's strips, but is also very good.

Brainwrap Comics apparently beat me to the movie theater webcomic idea, but hasn't updated in a long time.

Del Mar 8 also revolved around movie theater workers, but disappeared.

Movie Punks ran for about a year or two.

Instant Classic was about movies once upon a time...

I'm sure I'm missing somebody. I'm sorry.

Multiplex is a twice weekly humor comic about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas and the movies that play there.

Popcorn Picnic

Popcorn Picnic, by Chris Shadoian.
Weekly movie reviews in comics form. & Fairy Tales Experiments