Skip to main content begins development on a webcomic/art site setup package for non-techincal people

Harknell, webmaster of the webcomic, has begun work on a new system to install and set up an art/webcomic website for non-technical people.

This website package will be comprised of a few open source database website systems, but with an installer that requires very little technical knowledge on the part of the artist. The goal of the project is to help out artists who want to have a website, but are unsure of how to create or set up one due to the difficulties of learning PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and other internet protocols. Along with a simple set up and install interface, there will be extensive user documentation explaining how to make the webpage look the way the artist wishes, all explained in easy to understand language.

Check the main page of to see the % done sidebox to monitor the progress of this project.

This is another project in the long tradition of helping out independent artists and webcomic creators.

Did Anything Happen with Harknell Script?

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Just checking to see if Onezumi & Harknell made any progress on this?


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