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OverCompensating: It's All True!

I never know when Jeff Rowland's Overcompensating is true or only sort of true.  This one turns out to be a lot more true then I thought when I read.  There's a long New York Times article on American Apparel owner Dov Charney today - why this guy objected to Rowland's comic is a bit odd given the way he depicted himself to the NY Times reporter.

Note to self: Next comic,

Note to self: Next comic, draw Charney solving a mathmatical cypher, freeing a worker trapped in a printing press, and flying (ala Superman style) packages around the world.

Ah, But It's Not True!

I started as Dov's assistant at American Apparel and still work here. That overcompensating strip isn't quite true. Yes, Dov likes the ladies and they like him back. Yes, he listens to cheesy 70's music sometimes ("I Am Not In Love" by 10CC is one of his favorites). But he would never let anything keep him from solving a problem at the factory. It would be more accurate to show him getting away from an amorous woman upon getting a phonecall about a T-shirt order being late.

And I can see how he would get upset at someone who questioned his dedication to American Apparel... That's something he's super serious about.

Interesting Theory

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So you think what he was offended about was really the part about the t-shirts being late?  That's interesting - hadn't thought about it that way...

What do you do there now? 



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It's Not Unlikely

Probably a combination of that and the use of the word "crazed"... Dov is eccentric, but he is not crazy. And most of all, he is totally dedicated to the company, and works really long hours to make sure it runs well. Did you read the NYT article carefully? He is upset about how media scandalises him. So he is not monogamous, and he is open about it. Why is that such a big deal?

As for what I do here... Our job descriptions are pretty fluid. I write copy for the website (check out our Daily Update sometime) and do some other communications stuff. I still help out Dov sometimes when documents need to be filled out properly (unfortunatly I let it show that I am good at that).

I don't get why Rowlands

I don't get why Rowlands caved in. Because he got a phonecall? So what?

Maybe he just doesnt see

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Maybe he just doesnt see life as an endless dick-measuring contest like the rest of us webmonkeys do?


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He would have to be to

He would have to be to resort to this sort of Boss Tammany tactic.

I am incensed.

I used to date one of the

I used to date one of the developers. Apparently Dov is a real slimeball.

Kristofer Straub

Kristofer Straub