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A little whining first - after seemingly getting my server issues resolved my home router dies last Friday.  I've tried a couple but both have had issues with the equipment I need to connect to it.  Anyone have a good experience with a recent brand/model of wireless/wired router?

Today's the 4th British Webcomic Piss-up which is probably best described as Webcomics Awareness Day for UK webcomics.  Be sure to check out the participating comics.

Culture Pulp has an interview with Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, in comic format. 

The Kea's Nest notes that Neil Gaiman might be joining Warren Ellis in the webcomics' admiration (er, or at least begrudging acceptance) club

Comixpedia member Compugasm writes a blog post about liking the webcomic I Am A Rocket Builder

Looks like the first Beaver and Steve book is finally out. 

Make Comics Forever recommends a book called The Secrets of Professional Cartooning by Ken Muse.

Patrick McDonnell (creator of Mutts) has a children's book out. is doing a podcast now (you have to sign up for their mailing list to get it though) 

Joystiq is still doing it's weekly webcomic roundup which focuses on gaming webcomics. 


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For what its worth, as far as wireless routers go, I've had nothing but good experiences with the Apple Airport. Good luck with it!

Studying the Visual Language of "Comics" -

------- Studying the Visual Language of "Comics" -

This is really becoming an

This is really becoming an invaluable part of my day.