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ComicPress 1.5 WordPress Theme Released

ComicPress 1.5 Now Available

Publish a Webcomic with WordPress.


Searchable Archives
Search feature added to the already sortable archives.

Comic Tagger
The popular bookmarking system by Ash Young has been integrated into the theme. Tag any comic page and when you return to the site in the future you can pick up right where you left off.

Header Navigation
Navigation buttons were added above the comic in addition to the comic title navigation links below it for easy page flipping through the archives.

Header Links
Dummy header links are in place for you to change for links that you don't just want "hidden" in the sidebar, like to your Archives, Forum or Store.

New Look
All ready for you to customize anyway, though you can use it as is. ;)


CSS file is organized better and easier to edit (there is still a lot I want to do to it to get it totally optimized).

The index page's "previous comic" link now goes to the previous comic rather than a previous page.

Calendar day links bring you directly to the comic page for that day rather than the preliminary archive page.

Search was removed from the sidebar as it would only return one result per page anyway. The search on the archive page has replaced it and works much better.

WordPress created "pages" no longer try to load a comic at the top, giving you a broken image in IE.

Various tweaks were made for the look of the template.