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Thursday's Webcomic Is Tired and Needs More Coffee

On a challenge, Jon Morris creates a paper doll of the Star-Spangled Kid.

Metro Toronto reviews the latest books by Raina Telgemeier and Hope Larson.

With the current storyline of Goats, I knew it was only a matter of time before Jon worked a Tron joke into it

Paul Gadzikowski writes in defense of derivative fiction triggered by reactions to a recent appearance of an unauthorized Star Wars novel appearing at

Notwebcomics Dept:  Scans of Alcoholics Anonymous comics and of "comics with problems" (one is titled "Dennis the Menace  Takes a Poke At Poison".)

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee...

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Hi my name is Ghastly and I'm an alcoholic. Of course compaired to the problems that put me in a mental institution I suppose my alcoholism isn't such a big deal.

I hope Friday's webcomic is

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I hope Friday's webcomic is bitter and ready to snap! I can't wait!
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I just figure...

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...people get bored of me titling the daily news posts as "daily news post" or whatever.  So you all get stupid or mildly creative titles instead.



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