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Sunday News

May Day Webcomics Awareness Day (aka Online Comics Day) is tomorrow May 1st.  Workers of the world activate!  And Webcomics Awareness Day (aka Online Comics Day) is May 5th (thanks for the correction Mr. TCheck this site for more details on Webcomics Awareness Day.

The Webcomics in Print blog is having a competition tomorrow (Monday) to win a copy of Beaver & Steve's first book A Shoeful of Trouble.

If you make a webcomic about ninjas you probably ought to read about the last authentic "fighting ninja" in the world. 

Google has released a Windows version of Sketch-up for free (Mac coming soon).  You can print out models separately or place them in Google Earth.  It seems like this could be an excellent drawing aid.

In notwebcomics news, hurry before it's gone: a parody of V is for Vendetta called "C is for Cookie"

And I don't get quite so excited about PHP, but I thought this post by Ferrett about it was funny.

Aw, but now I feel guilty. I

Aw, but now I feel guilty. I should be thanking you-- this is the first day I've seen more than one of these already. Where do you FIND this stuff, man?

Fifth. MAY FIFTH. Not

Fifth. MAY FIFTH. Not tomorrow. C'mon, X, get with it!

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