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Joey + Joe Podcast

I finally got a chance to listen to the podcast of Joey Manley and Joe Zabel chatting about webcomics.  A little bit about Zabel's Introvert/Extrovert article, serialization, pacing and different genres of stories.  Interesting stuff (about 30 minutes long) from two knowledgeable, opinionated guys.

i hope the whole podcast

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i hope the whole podcast trend fades out soon. i don't like the idea of content that i can't take in while listening to music simultaneously.


I dunno. I think, as long as

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I dunno. I think, as long as they're supplemental to the art and written reviews, they're great.

However, I'm not so sure that they're really benefitial for traffic. Adam and I posted one, and I think less than half a percent of our readers actually clicked the link. That's been more of a deterant of making them than anything else. I don't want to spend time on a distraction from the comic if it's not really working to bring in traffic.

The video podcasts, on the other hand brought traffic simply because it was a gimmick.

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The only advantage a podcast

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The only advantage a podcast interview has over a text one is that you get a better sense of the personality of the interview subject. The spoken medium can also add a layer of meaning to the words, subconsciously -- noticing where the interview subject pauses to think something over before answering, for example. You also get that all-important "tone" thing, text's lack of which has been the cause of many a flamewar.

But, yeah, they're not "traffic builders" in any real sense.


Pod casting... great job at branding, Apple.

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I'd like most them to be less of an example of ego masturbation/ giving the guest a blowjob. Though when they do have interesting stuff to say, I find them worth my time. Even when they're epics like the average Digital Strips cast. Which is the only one I listen to semi-regularly as they manage to avoid the problems I mentioned above.


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