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Baby Steps

I've got an observation. People have an expectation a comic follows a certain format. It's based on the artwork and what they know about other comics. The simplistic line-art style is typical of a comic with a punchline. It seems the more serious comics have more detailed artwork. Rex Morgan M.D. or Prince Valiant come to mind.

I recently made a change to how I draw my comic. I spend more time drawing scenery and background. I don't always tell a 4-panel joke. Sometimes it's a "to be continued..." storyline. My thought is, if it's not a funny strip, the drawing might be interesting enough to look at the next strip. Otherwise, the comic comes off as badly drawn and not funny.

Check out this nifty graf! Shits' blowin up round here!! This graph screenshot reflects a result I didn't expect to see. An almost immediate, positive result after my change in drawing style. True, this could just be robots and spammers now that my site is becoming more popular. But I think the results are real visitors.

Let me ask you this, what can you do to improve your comic?