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Dueling Apologies

The other shoe just dropped at last. Over at Whispered Apologies, Alexander Danner has written the canon version of the comic featuring the Deadmouse art I chose when I was writing a contribution there.

There was an odd mix-up. Normally, a pool of writers choose a piece of art from the submissions archive, and create a comic from it. Unbeknownst to me, Alexander had already made a comic with that art when I sent mine to Ryan, and Alexander's strip was queued to load next.

Ryan offered to post them both, but I didn't want to nick any spotlight from whoever had dibs. But Ryan said he didn't want my joke to be lost. So I offered to load my version as a bonus strip in my own archives at PartiallyClips, and do a new Whispered Apologies at a later date.

I wouldn't call the mix-up exactly an accident, because that piece of art is really compelling. I'm not surprised it leaped out at both Alexander and me when we scanned the submissions. Deadmouse's art is tremendously impressive.

I've often wondered what

I've often wondered what would happen if two people chose the same piece of art. I don't see a problem with it myself--in fact, I think it's fun to see how different writers approach the same piece of art. You saw an opportunity for topical political satire. I saw an opportunity for canibalism gags. Kind of a toss-up, who took the high road...

Incidentally, there's a third version of this one as well, posted into the Live Journal thread for the comic: & Fairy Tales Experiments

High road question...

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Interesting point.

Well, I took the opportunity to do a kind of humor I don't allow myself to do in my regular strip. Writing a W-A is so similar to the process of writing a PartiallyClips that it wouldn't be any fun to do something I could have done in my own house.

But I was going for a little deeper jab than topical politics. I think my bonus will stand on its own when immigration returns to "stealth issue" status, very shortly.

Yeah, I can see how it would

Yeah, I can see how it would be very similar. But yeah, W-A definitely offers a great opportunity to branch out a bit--I also try to do things that I wouldn't normally do in my usual comics.

Oh, and I was just kidding with the high-road thing; that was meant to be self-deprecating. & Fairy Tales Experiments

Politics as the Low Road

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Sure but as much as I enjoy good political jokes, I would rather do a dick or fart joke. Unless, like Stephen Colbert did, you have the opportunity to stand in front of the actual people who are destroying the world (and lets not forget, the neutered media who are covering for them), then I am not sure that shouting your views into the wind is really all that noble a pursuit. Unless maybe it's the probable futility of the action which renders it noble.

In any event, it's not something I allow myself to spend that much of my time on. Frankly, I'm not all that good at it, either. I'm no Ruben Bolling, Tom Tomorrow, Ted Rall, Tom Toles, Eric Millikin, David Rees, Matt Bors, or Jason Youngbluth. Yet all their well-made satirical points for four years didn't keep 51% of Americans from voting for the chickenhawk idiot with the messianic visions.

I'm utterly resigned and jaded at this point. I don't think I can change things very much, so I just aim to get a laugh like always.