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Full Story Takes on Staff, Resumes Updates

Full Story: An Index of Completed Webcomics has resumed updates, thanks to the addition of Timothy Tylor as a second contributor to the index.

Tim has been an active supporter of Full Story since its launch, pointing me toward many interesting new stories to add to the index. So when it became clear that I needed help in keeping the index updated, he was the natural choice. His first entry was posted today, and he already has several more queued up for the coming weeks.

With progress once again being made, I will resume posting my own updates as well. Until today, the index had not been updated in many weeks, due to a major writing project that has taken up much of my attention.
Full Story exists to see that non-perpetuating stories aren’t forgotten forever, but remain visible and accessible to those who are interested in reading them. Designed to be an easily searchable directory exclusively devoted to completed and self-contained comics, Full Story is an ideal resource for readers who enjoy a complete “beginning, middle, and end” reading experience.

Full story was created by webcomics author Alexander Danner, and can be found at Listings are also available via RSS feed..