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Kitty Sniper: Part 5 - Bee Sandwich

I thought Part 5 would be a quick and easy strip. I took a stock photo of a kitchen, and thought that would save alot of time drawing. But as I look at the timeclock, I spent more time on this drawing, than anything to date. Where the hell did the time go? It was inevitable, an alternate world storyline. It's a fun and cute world where kittens make honey sandwiches. When Kitty Sniper is not doing a professional job, he's... making bee sandwiches? Oh, that crazy cat just can't seem to do anything right!

For some reason, I don't think there's anyone better to judge the merits of your work than you yourself. Friends, will spare the harsh words. Most critics, particularly online, are only interested in telling people how much you suck so they can make themselves look better.

Most artists tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to their own work. We're either egotistical assholes, and we believe we can wipe our ass with a canvas and it'll be artistic genius, or we're a bunch of whiners in how much we suck. We grovel to our readers and beg their forgiveness for our artistic short comings. I'm not groveling, just sayin, I got no continuity.