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Wednesday News and Blog Roundup

Jeff Rowland reads the Terms of Service for and comes up with a TOS of his own. (Thanks to Lore for the link)

I've never hung out with the DC Conspiracy group (DC cartoonists) but using a bar as a space to create mini-comics: awesomely geeky

Tom Spurgeon is tracking the press coverage of TCJ's story that Charles Brownstein was the perpetrator of the alleged assault on Taki SomaUPDATE: CBR's Rich Johnson has some comments on the case and posts a statement from Charles Brownstein.  (There's also a long thread on the matter at their forums.)  Newsarama also has an article on it with a link to the redacted polic report.

A few recent user blog posts I wanted to draw to everyone's attention:

The May issue cover kicks

bobweiner's picture

The May issue cover kicks butt. Nice job!!

Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Yes. Yes, it does.

Gordon McAlpin's picture

Yes. Yes, it does.

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