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International Clickie nominees: Allison, E-Merl, Gurewitch, Mudron and Siddell

Five webcomics have been nominated for the first ‘International Clickie’, that will be awarded on June 3, 2006, at the “Stripdagen Haarlem” festival in the Netherlands. This special prize is part of the Clickburg Webcomic Awards, initiated by webcomic foundation Clickburg. The international nominees are: Scary Go Round (John Allison), (Daniel Merlin Goodbrey), The Perry Bible Fellowship (Nicholas Gurewitch), Anne Frank conquers Moon Nazis (Bill Mudron) and Gunnerkrigg Court (Tom Siddell). The other two Clickburg Webcomic Awards concern webcomics from the Netherlands and the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Here are the nominees of those two categories:  Epic Clickie Benelux * Stephan Brusche: Lucifer (Dutch) * Lode Devroe: Dr. Dia (Dutch) * Liz Greenfield: Stuff Sucks * Roderick Leermakers: Captain August * Ruben Steeman: Elke dag RuSt (wordless) Humour Clickie Benelux * Matt Baay: Bunbuns (wordless) * Stephan Brusche: Mijn wekelijkse stripje (wordless) * Steven Degryse: Lectrr (Dutch) * Floor de Goede: Do you know Flo? (Dutch) * Bram van Rijen: Nozzman

International Webcomic Award: three British, two American's picture

Never heard of Scary Go Round or The Perry Bible Fellowship? Allison, Goodbrey and Siddell are British, Gurewitch and Mudron are American.



Where are each of these internationals from?

As in... what countries? Shouldn't they be listed?

Gary Chaloner
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