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New Member for the Gangbunch Collective

Gangbunch, that awesome webcomics collective of incredibly cool guys and not-guys, has added a new member! Welcome to J Kravik of Bonertown. To quote Special_Olympics, "Now Gangbunch isn't like some community college occupying a mini-mall storefront next to the Dairy Queen. We don't let just anybody in. Certain rigors of quality assurances are pursued. DNA samples submitted. Blackmail insurance secured. Mr. Kravik, the ornery captain of this new vessel, is a capable one. If I didn't think the material was suitable for your attention, I would have sent him packing with some nasty bruises (in addition to the ones already obtained through the Gangbunch hazing ritual). This is a two-way street though. He will only be granted this membership as long as he maintains a frequency of updates at least as exemplary as the furious pace demonstrated by Moe."