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More Pros Try The Web: Shooting War

I caught this newsbit over at Newsarama

A couple of quotes on the presentation:

DG: To get technical: it's we're using Javascript to PRESENT the art, but it's very much a COMIC, not an animation. We do have an animated intro that was designed in Flash by Indelible that proceeds each weekly episode and gives an intro-slash-origin-story for Jimmy so that we hit the ground running every week... the online presentation of my comic 'pages" is inside a "viewing gallery" on our Shooting War mini-site with a simple and elegant interface, but the pages themselves remain comic pages. You read a page and click forward or back; we're not trying to marvel you with anything but the ideas embedded in Anthony's story and my sexy pictures that get them to walk around...

NRAMA: Gotcha. But with it primarily being static panels, why Flash?

AL: We wanted to use a fast-loading and stable platform that people could easily navigate through, and Indelible’s tasty Flash teaser is our icing.

I'm actually wondering how these guys will do... or how anyone from the world of print does online that doesn't have the "Fan Favorite" status of the Foglios. How is Finder doing, anyway?