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Reckless Life on iTunes and Second Animatic Available

You may noticed, earlier this week that Clickwheel has launched some of their features on the iTunes music store.
After a little bit of nit-picking, Reckless Life has joined them on the iTunes store both with the existing episode and the brand-new second part to Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas.

Phil Kahn (quickly earning himself the title of 'director of Reckless Life') outdid himself with this second installment. It's not quite a comic, it's not quite a cartoon, and doesn't try to be either. It's almost an entirely new thing unto itself, and I am glowingly proud of it. Please check it out on iTunes or Clickwheel.

Also, currently running on Clickwheel, is Reckless Life: Dinner and a Robbery. This arc ties directly into my currently updating material, and if you've never read it online, it is available for download, for free. You don't even need an iPod, the downloads are perfectly readable on your computer too.

Check it!