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Bunch of Great Videos Having Something To Do With Comics

NEW**Interview with Jeff Smith, creator of Bone.

Damn you youtube

Uncle Ghastly's picture

Is it possible to get Youtube to not suck? I can't watch the clip. It stops just after the freeze spell. No amount of refreshing will get it to load past that point. In fact, I've never been able to ever get a single Youtube video to play completely to the end without locking up.

Can't get it to even start.

All the other Youtube links there are running okay, though. It might be an anti-hotlinking thing: Alison's video link looks as if it goes straight to the video file, while the others go to regular webpages.

The Powells Books site has what looks like the same video in mpeg format. It's 50 flippin' megs, though, so pretty much broadband-only.