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Pets, Bombs and Today

Hey anyone. My name is Chad. I write and draw 'Today: The Comic' over at 'Bomb Shelter Comics'. You can also find me on 'Pet Professional' contributing new strips.

A lot of familair faces around here. Just thought I'd say 'Hi'.


I really enjoy your work

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I really enjoy your work Chad - Today: The Comic is on my must-read webcomic list. Cool that you're also drawing the PetPro now. Congrats!


Krishna M. Sadasivam Cartoonist, "The PC Weenies"

Interesting Concept

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So every comic takes off on something recent in the news? It's sourced and everything! Prtty cool so far...Â


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Most Excellent...

Sean C's picture see you posting around here now, Chad.

Don't hesitate to procrastinate.
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Don't hesitate to procrastinate. My brand new comic: