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Why You Should Not Rent an Unmanaged Server...

Oh Comixpedia - I can't watch you 24 hours a day.  Why do you need to collapse on the floor in a puddle of too many MySQL connections when I'm not around to help?

I think somebody is screwing

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I think somebody is screwing with "downtown-oriented" (to use Joe Zabel's term) webcomics-community sites on purpose. But that could be just my paranoia. I hired a guy to work on one of my unmanaged servers recently for exactly this problem -- he did some stuff to Apache, and did some stuff to MySQL, and now the server is running faster than ever before, and doesn't have these problems. He charged about $75 for the service. Pop me an email if you want his contact info.


Problem with MySQL, not hosting?

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I'm not terribly MySQL savvey, but I understand that there are connection limitations. It may not be the hosting that's the problem, but rather, the database. One possible work around might be some sort of caching. Even a short caching time, like 30 secs could make a huge difference.

You might also consider a different data-source, like Post-gres or Ms-sql?

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It was the MySQL

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What happened this morning was too many connections which shut down the MySQL process. If I had Comixpedia on this morning I would have noticed and restarted it.

Not sure why there were too many connections though - could have been some kind of attack (been a lot of those in the last 2 months) or something else.  If I have time I'll look at the logs tonight.



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Are you still with

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Are you still with Dreamhost? -- I've never had a problem, even when linked from PA and American Idol fanboards.


Not On Dreamhost Right Now

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I decided to try a dedicated server. I"ll probably switch off of it soonner or later. I don't really need it and it's a huge pain. But I don't regret giving it a shot - I've learned a hell of a lot about APACHE and the command line.

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I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.