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2006 WCCA Nomination Round Extended

As some of you may have noticed, we're running a bit behind on our nomination round this year. We have many new and exciting additions to our website and the web award mechanisms this year (some of the best is yet to come). However, in order to insure that the process runs smoothly, we've had to do a little, last minute tweaking which has forced us to postpone the nomination round slightly.

We're expecting the polls to open any day now. However, to make up for this loss of time, we will be extending this year's Nomination Round one more week. Therefore, you will be able to continue nominating comics through June 28th.

Fortunately, with the new system in place, we will still be able to calculate the results and have the final voting round up as scheduled (June 12th - July 9th). Meanwhile, continue to discuss and share your suggestions and recommendations and start planning on who you're going to vote for.

Our new forums are up and running and make a great place to share your opinions. 

Thank you for your patience,