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The Sluggy Freelance Code: So Dark The Con of Bun Bun!

It's going to be a year of Starslip Crisis this May 23rd. Congrats to Kris Straub. He has another video podcast up as well.

It's movie month so here's a link to Yirmumah mocking the Superman Returns poster.

Lore catches that Toothpaste For Dinner is having a contest for readers to send in photos of themselves wearing a TFD t-shirt.

Fleen writes about it's impression that webcomic creators are all just getting out of their diapers but somehow I doubt that's anything more than a reaction to some recent creators' academic matriculations. It would be interesting to do a real survey on creators - maybe someone ought to get on that! :)

Tom Spurgeon reacts to Fox News dude Bill O'Reilly ranting about some comics in a school newspaper O'Reilly thought were offensive to the baby Jesus. I'll wait until the Colbert Report covers the issue to decide if I care...

Watched All of Straubs Videos on YouTube

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The later ones are funny - everyone should email him questions to answer. Â

The first one about how he does Starslip Crisis is interesting too - I didn't realize he was assembling it from existing drawings like he shows. For a daily strip going that route with a vector graphics program probably cuts the workload down considerably.Â


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A survey would be interesting. In the meantime, there's this to balance things a bit.