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COTC CD scheduled for pre-order June 5th!!

The COTC CD will be available for preorder on June 5th!

CD will come in slimcase and will be shipped via USPS in CD packaging. Cost will bet $15.00 and that includes S&H. Current SKK subscribers will be able to buy the CD for $10.00. That also includes S&H.

Read more to check out what’s on the Clan of the Cats CD:

  • Introduction by Maritza Campos
  • Clan of the Cats 1999-2000 (with commentary)
    • Coming Home
    • Ghost of a Dog
    • The Date
    • Magic
    • Snow
    • Heat
  • The Reunion (Bonus Story set in this time period)
  • Catnips (Various COTC cartoons)
  • Happy Christmas (Christmas cartoons)
  • Sebo: The First Year
  • Melpomene: The Chaos Orb (Warning - Graphic violence and nudity)
  • A separate Commentary page which delves deeper into each story
  • Witches, Cats and Broken Body Parts - A Brief History of COTC
  • Chelsea Girl: An interview with the woman who inspired Chelsea Chattan. (and yes, you finally get to see what she looks like)
  • An Interview with me, conducted by a friend.
  • Art Gallery (56 pieces of art, over half never seen before)
  • Clan of the Cats circa. 1987
  • Clan of the Cats circa. 1989
  • ZOOM (A comic I did in college)
  • Tutorial - Chelsea/Sebastian banner (from concept to full color banner ad)
  • SKK Wallpapers
  • Icons, Avatars, Banners and Street Team PDF flyers.
  • Acknowledgements
  • Links
  • Easter Eggs
I still plan to include icons for Macs if I can figure a way to get them done. If I can't, the CD will have to ship without them. I am sorry. Except for that and one picture of a specific cat, the CD is done. It has been tested on Windows XP, Windows 98, Mac OS 9.2 and Mac OS 8.6. For Win XP and 98 the CD will autostart.

The cat pictures came in

Jamie Robertson's picture

The cat pictures came in today, and they have been added to the CD.Â

Clan of the Cats