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A Chance To Net On Net Neutrality

I have to say - I've never seen webcomics get as worked up about a political issue as I've seen on network neutrality. And some of the reactions have been pretty entertaining.

If you're working on something on this issue you might consider sending it into Jeff Pulver's Viral Marketing Contest to Save the Internet. The grand prize is $1000. They're probably anticipating short videos but who knows - other approaches might prove to be just as viraltastic!

Here's some of the stuff I've seen out there so far:

Ask Dr. A Ninja - "I just want to see the girl in the funny hat making lemonade. Can't I just see that?" (There's a whole list of videos at

PvP's Harvey Mudd-flavored episode.

Other webcomics commenting on it include User Friendly, Small World...

The anti-network neutrality side has this animation, which is kind of lame actually, apart from whether or not it's accurate (these guys say it is not).

Feel free to add more in the comments...