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Webcomic Publishing Made Deceptively Easy With SomeryC

[XEREXES - I haven't tried this out, but I think it's great to see existing code adapted to publishing webcomics.]

Before Art Frederick asked me to work with him on a new comic endeavor, I had no clue how to run a web-comic; however, I had some weblog experience and I figured it would translate over pretty nicely. It turned out that I couldn’t be more right.

I quickly realized that we would need some way of actually publishing and maintaining the site that wouldn’t involve juggling hundreds of images and files at the same time. After taking a quick look at the current web-comic solutions available, we decided that none of them could really do what we needed. We wanted direct user interaction: Something that neither of us had seen on any web-comic. My weblogging experience kicked in as I realized that I had an easily modifiable weblog engine that could do exactly what I needed it to do: Somery.

I started the re-coding of the software, fixing all of the flaws of the older code and poking little holes in it for other bits of much-needed light: dual news posts (for those two-person endeavors), first/previous/next/last buttons, a drop-down archive and even individual comic comments (a first for both of us). I finished it off with an easy-to-use back-end to make editing and publishing the comics easier. Dubbing my creation “someryC”, Jack of All Blades took off.

A few weeks after I had completed the project, I had the urge to share this bit of work with the world. I began cleaning up the code in my spare time (because Jack of All Blades had a lot of the functionality simply hacked into it to save time), but it wasn’t really “user-friendly” until February 2006. Now, someryC can be downloaded freely and installed simply onto any server running PHP and MySQL. If those technologies sound Greek to you, just ask your host and he’ll let you know.

If you want to see the software in action, check out Jack of All Blades. You can get a look at the administration interface here, but you won’t be able to do much. Lastly, you can download your very own copy of someryC v2.0 here, and get all the help you need (or post feature requests) at the someryC Headquarters.

Can You Load Comics Up

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Can you load comics to the server ahead of time and have the site automatically update itself at a specific time? (Like Keenspot/space does...)Â


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As of right now, the

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As of right now, the software has no way to automatically post a comic; however, upon uploading the comic, you may choose if the comic is visible to the public, allowing you to choose when to "turn on" the comic.

That functionality is being considered for the 2.1 release of the software.Â


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Just curious, does your script have the ability to generate a random comic link?


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It would be quite simple to include a random comic link. I could even write it as a plug-in, so whomever wanted it could just download it and use it.

Edit: Okay, I've included it in the latest release of someryC.