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Read WAHOO MORRIS for free!

WAHOO MORRIS is a feature of the leading subscription based web comics magazine.

Starting May 15 WAHOO MORRIS begins an every-weekday re-run. The archives are free and will remain free until October so it's not too late to read along. The strip also runs at and the entire 92 page and counting archives can be read there by clicking on the comic itself.

This is being done as a lead up to the release of the first WAHOO MORRIS Trade Paperback later this year. More on that in a few weeks...

For those who are unfamiliar with WAHOO MORRIS, it initially began as a self-published comic with a run of three issues in '99. It then moved to IMAGE COMICS for a one issue run. After relaunching it as a webcomic I am gearing up to bring it back to print in a series of three 6x9 graphic novels.

WAHOO MORRIS in it's initial run got a lot of favorable comparisons to STRANGERS IN PARADISE and LOVE AND ROCKETS.

What others have said about WM:"Read this comic by Craig A.Taillefer (published by his Too Hip Gotta Go Graphics) or die...The art is beautiful and the slightly off the beaten path story is shitloads of fun. Put down that superhero book and pick this up!"-Katherine Keller, Sequential Tart

"...the next Strangers In Paradise."-Cliff Biggers, Comic Shop News

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Hope you enjoy!Craig A. TailleferWriter/Artist of WAHOO MORRIS

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