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First and Last: Nukees

Nukees by Darren Bleuel started in 1997 following the wacky adventures of the main character Gav, a perpetual nuclear engineering graduate student. Here's an excerpt from the very first strip in the archives:

January 1997

A more recent excerpt from this month below:

Actually the punchline to the above excerpt is a pretty good distillation of the Gav character (might not be a bad t-shirt either!):

Re: First and Last: Nukees

You people are obviously not physicits....

Itsthe weakness of webcomics

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 The weakness of the web is that, unless the creator is quite driven, they will find that they have no need to improve themselves because the audience is overly forgiving of rough work.

 It comes from the philosophy of "I'm getting more than I paid for (nothing). I'm not complaining" that has fueled webcomics since the begining.



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there is no much evolution

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there is no much evolution for almost 9 years old webcomic, yea the characters look a lot better but it isnt a big improvement

Improvement Does Not Necessarily Mean Change

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I don't think the lack of major changes in a strip means there is no improvement. To the contrary, consistency is important to the kind of daily ongoing strip that Nukees is. In this webcomic, there's clearly been some improvement in the art, both in the line quality but also in composition within panels and in the backgrounds.Â


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