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Plagerism On A Plane!

UPDATE 2: It's gone.

Update: An earlier version of this post linked to an "about me" page for a Scott Dial. The webcomic discussed in the post is claimed by Steve Dial, not Scott Dial.

Dr.Sebetos also noted that Jeff Rowland commented in the Fleen post on this.

Fleen points out one of the more blatant and strange examples of plagerism I've ever seen in webcomics. This "webcomic" appears to be word for word copies of Overcompensating strips. It's redrawn, but it looks like the "artist" is drawing it as much like the original OC strips as his "talent" allows.

I'm totally flabbergasted by this. This guy describes himself as a senior in college applying for PhD programs in Computer Science. Either this is an elaborate hoax perpetuted by Jeff Rowland and/or the Dumbrella crew or this other guy is actually in a lot of potential trouble. Even a first year law student barely getting C's could win the copyright infringement case Jeff Rowland could bring against this guy.

Hang on, Xaviar. Scott Dial

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Hang on, Xaviar. Scott Dial and Steve Dial do not appear to be the same person. Scott Dial owns the domain, and that's his "about me" page you linked to. Steve Dial is Scott's brother, and manages all the data on the subdomain.

Incidentally, Scott and Steve have another brother named Matt with his own domain. To my knowledge, Scott and Matt are not plagiarizing. It appears to only be their evil brother Steve.

I just want to make sure we all viciously attack the right person. It could be that Scott has absolutely no idea what his brother is doing on his on server. Or, he could be a willing accomplice.

In any case, I'm still wondering why we haven't heard Rowland comment on this yet.

EDIT: nevermind. Looks like Rowland has commented (rather cryptically) in the comments section of the Fleen post. Evidently, he's known about this, and just doesn't want it spread? Curiouser and curiouser...

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Good catch

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I'll edit the post - Steve does not equal Scott!


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