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Starslip Crisis turns one year old

My daily sci-fi humor strip Starslip Crisis turned one year old on May 23rd, and there's all kinds of news.

1. The Crisis storyline has begun -- the one that will finally explain the title of the strip. Start reading here!

2. The second book collection, Sparkling Diplomacy, will be ready very soon. It's even bigger than the first collection. You can preview the cover here.

3. Check out the Starslip pseudo-theme song right here.

4. The entire strip is now being presented in Exhibition Mode -- by activating it and reading through the archives, you can unlock extras like wallpapers, AIM icons, looks behind the scenes and more. Learn more here.

5. I'm already working on a much more sophisticated version 2 of Exhibition Mode. I'm really excited about this functionality.

Thanks for making it a great first year for the strip!


Coydog's picture

I like what I see there. I'll have to take some time to read the whole archive sometime.Â

Monique MacNaughton

UNA Frontiers

Monique MacNaughton

UNA Frontiers