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SomeryC, The Free Comic Engine For Smart Developers, Gets Super Powers!

I remember a day when all SomeryC could do was publish webcomics with deceptive ease. Now, thanks to Shishio, xerexes and voh, SomeryC can not only power out a brilliant webcomic, but it can also generate a random comic link and...

...queue comics for later display.

Yes, you read correctly. Now, comic queuing is as simple as uploading the comic and typing in a date and time (in YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss format). Much like Keenspace and Keenspot, SomeryC gives the user complete freedom when to display the comic; however, much unlike Keenspace and Keenspot, SomeryC is a stand alone script, allowing the user to completely and utterly define every aspect of his page. For those not so design inclined, it comes with a simple, clean layout—when you just have to have a comic now.

For those who are already using SomeryC, version 0.2.1 comes with a simple updater, allowing you to keep up with those discovering SomeryC for the first time.

For those of you who thought a simple publishing system with what you needed would never come along, your day has come. Look no further than SomeryC!

For more information, help requests or feature requests, check out the SomeryC Headquarters. To see the system in action, take a look at Jack of All Blades. To download SomeryC v0.2.1, go here.

Is it open source?

Is it open source?


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Yes: SomeryC is completely open-source. It began as a weblog script a friend of mine created.


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I didn't do anything...

One-liners - Preparation H. Shrinks Hemorrhoids.
New Comic Posted 06/02/06


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You got me working on the new functions!