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Guest Blogger Wanted for Week of July 24th (San Diego Comicon)

I'm looking for a volunteer (or multiple someones) who is attending Comicon and would be willing to write a few posts that week (week of July 24th) for Comixpedia.

Webcomics have guest weeks - I guess this would be it's equivalent. If you're interested in being a Comixpedia guest blogger shoot me an email soon (xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com).


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I'll be watching that go down.Otherwise, if Modern Tales or Clickwheel have a presense, you'll find me with them. Or wasted in Tijuana.

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds

I'll Go, Fabs!

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I'll be the fat guy in the ill-fitting, home-made Son Goku costume, arguing with someone dressed as Boba Fett about how Brian Bendis is ruining all comics.Â

 You couldnt possibly miss me.



The William G - Romantic Drama, Post-Apocalyptic Monsters, and M

Who all is going to SDCC?

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I'm not sure I can blog while I'm there, but I certainly hope to meet some of you while I'm in San Diego. Who all is going?Â

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison
Fabricari, Sexy, Violent, Cyberpunk Comic

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison