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Clickie-winner Goodbrey: "I'm amazing! Wooo!"

"WOOOOO!" Winning the International Clickie this weekend, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey lost his head. On, he wrote:Â "Hey, so it turns out E-merl has gone and won the International Clickie at the Clickburg Webcomic Awards in Holland. Much thanks to the jury for picking little ol' me and a special thank you to Tom Siddell of Gunnerkrigg Court fame for accepting the award on my behalf. If anyone's worried about this going to my head then they've got good cause, because it undoubtedly will. I'M AMAZING! LOOK AT ME! WOOOOO! In other news - this is the 52nd Brain Fist strip, meaning that the series' one-year anniversary falls neatly on the 6/6/06. Satanists rejoice!"