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Top Cow to sell digital downloads of their comic books

Top Cow, one of the original divisions of Image Comics, has announced plans to start selling its comic book titles online, using an iTunes-like "large micropayment" model ($1 per book). More info here.

Here's the story at CBR that

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Here's the story at CBR that the story referenced (but didn't link). Not a lot of new info in there, though.

This will be interesting to

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This will be interesting to watch and see how it progresses. It has the potential to be a big boost to the Digital Publishing movement. Yes, I said "movement". Maybe this will be the "lighting of the beacon" for other prominent publishers to toss their eggs into the digital basket. I'm in a "glass is half full" mood today.

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It's about time someone did something like this. Hopefully this will become the norm.

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Very interesting news.

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Very interesting news. Initially thinking that $1 is far too expensive for for 20 pages of comic reprints I read on:

"In order to interest customers in paying for something that is currently available for free, Top Cow will include scripts, pencils, and pre-colored images -- essentially providing readers with a look at the entire process of creating a comic book."

The bonus material is really where the value is here. I'd never pay to read digitally what has been collected in trades like Cyberforce or The Darkness. If I were still a fan; however, I might pay to see the behind-the-scene material. Hell, I might STILL but a copy or two.

But the novelty would wear off - $1.00 is simply too much for digital content that you read once. $.50 - and I might be convinced.

Then again, I've been proven wrong often before - I hope I am.Â

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