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Departed Strips

For this year's WCCAs, Gisele and I are putting together a quick salute to the webcomics that ended in the year of 2005.

Consulting, I find Comiccollage, Queen of Wands, Fans, Dewclaw, Roomies, Modern Humor Authority, Greystone Inn, As If, 2214, Okay Pants, The Starship Destiny, Paper Eleven, Acid Reflux, Men In Hats, Carried by The Wind, Surreal U, High School Changed Me, Skirting Danger, Vigilante, Ho!, Mixed Myth, Kota's World, Sex Puppies, Avant-Garde Comics (maybe the shortest lifespan of any webcomic on record), Purple Pussy, Iharthdarth, Jamie and Nick, Legend of Anime Bunny, Lick My Jesus, Sorry For The Inconvenience. And I remember Saga of the Ram.

And three sorta-entries that have returned from the grave, or threaten to: A Modest Destiny, Checkerboard Nightmare and WIGU.

I know I'm blanking on something really OBVIOUS. (Early 2006 doesn't count.)

A few more...

Officially ended:

Died or went on indeterminate hiatus:

Save for a few exceptions, I pulled these strait from my faves at The Webcomics List... the by-latest-update order is damn handy for this sorta job. I also discarded sum'o'th'most obscure ones...

I could probably uncover more with the same method, but I'm not going to bother. All noteworthy ones are probably listed already.

Indigo Kelleigh's Amazing

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Indigo Kelleigh's Amazing Webcomic THE CIRCLE WEAVE came to an end in 2005 :(
The Last episode went up November 12, 2005.
The website is still up - check it out:



Sexy Losers

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Clay/Hard's Sexy Losers ended basically late last year.

Niego! (

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Niego! (



That's weird. I thought Men

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That's weird. I thought Men In Hats closed up shop years ago. Did it come back then end again?Â

Theater Hopper -::- Comics about movies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday -::-

Theater Hopper -::- Comics about movies every Monday, Wednesday and Friday -::-

Thanks, guys (and thanks in

Thanks, guys (and thanks in advance to anyone else). I'll make sure I give due credit...


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I've still deluded myself

I've still deluded myself into thinking that Viglante Ho isn't dead. Meaghan says she'll draw it sometime soon, I swear!

The Grimbles shut up shop in

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The Grimbles shut up shop in October of last year...