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Yirmumah Issue Five Preorder Special

It's On!!! Yirmumah Issue the FIF! Featuring a Jesus vs Superman cover is now available for preorder. All orders by next friday (6/16) will receive an all new exclusive numbered Jesus vs Superman comic with their order, which will be seen nowhere else. More info here.

Superman and Jesus start

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Superman and Jesus start fighting. Then Satan appears and tells Jesus that He could win easily by picking up some rocks and turning them into kryptonite. But Jesus is all, Get thee behind me, Jesus doesn't play like that. Superman is so impressed that he teams up with Jesus to kick the crap out of Satan. Then the two of them become best friends forever. Batman feels kind of left out, but he gets over it after he goes and sulks in his cave for a while.

No Rest For The Wicked





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It's funny, but of all of the comics on my shelf, it's The Greatest Superman Stories Ever Told that I keep rereading the most. (We3 is the second)

Specifically: What's So Funny About Truth Justice And The American Way? where Superman beats up the 1990s.Â

It don't matter, since

It don't matter, since Superman probably wouldn't recognize Jesus, unless he was the Son of Rao.

Kristofer Straub

Kristofer Straub

My money is on Jesus.Â

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My money is on Jesus. Really. Even if it's the golden age Superman, who can split planets and stuff.Â