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Some News And Notes About Me, Cuz It's Important... To Me

Hey, thanks to those of you who contacted me about Shawn Matthews. We weren't close though we were friendly. It was heartening to see some of my peers saddened by the death of a total stranger. A lot of you are good folks.

In other news, despite the recent discovery of my sucking, I have recently joined up to Modern Tales. Graphic Smash specifically. Mostly due to T Campbell's southern charm. And also because you need to be part of a gang to have any sort of web cred these days. That this gang is dedicated to making money for their members can only increase my standing, I figure. As the saying goes: Money is the only argument allowed.

Anyway, I've decided to put my web focus on Graphic Smash... mostly because the automation means I don't have to code any more... which means a change in my personal website, which has now become little more than a portal site. While I will miss the daily obsessing over page counts and how that affects my value as a person, I figure that 1- all change is good, and 2- I don't really care that much.

 So now, by clicking to my site, you'll find a pretty (if I do say so myself) bunch of links to Bang Barstal on Graphic Smash, the archives of a bunch of old comics that I've had the audacity to start, stop, and ignore over the years, and a link to my blog where I ponder on life in Asia, post pics, and comment on the occasional webcomic tomfoolery. Mostly because the automation means I don't have to code a blog entry anymore.

Thanks for reading, folks. And thanks for the pimp-space, Comixpedia.Â

I'm out.

PS: Bang Barstal in: Pointy-Eared Bastards! updates on Tuesday and Thursday while the Pin-up A Rama, with art by some of webcomics' finest, is still ongoing. Every Wednesday for the next couple of weeks.