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Todd and Penguin news

The first ever Todd and Penguin book, Embrace Your Inner Dork is available for pre-order now at KeenSpot's store and will ship in July. (Reserve a copy here) The book contains 100 pages of FULL COLOR comics, special exclusive features and an introduction by Eric Burns.

Todd and Penguin has been described as one of those comics that portrays life as it really is, the bitter and the sweet.

You've got a down on your luck loser named Todd, for whom nothing can go right; an angry, gothy girl who can't connect with anybody; a cat who is a self centered egomaniac; and a teddy bear who might or might not eat people. Then you have Penguin, a naive cookie-breath dork whose optimistic innocence and curious nature may be the only thing keeping these misfits from being worse than they are. In the oddest sense, this is a family comic which not only has laughs, but has heart.