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The Oni Press Talent Search 2006

Oni Press, publisher of Scott Pilgrim, Local, and other fine comics, has announced this year's talent search contest . They're also taking pitches from writers this year.

The details are on their site. It sounds like an interesting challenge to writer and artist alike. And if you feel you're ready to, expand outside the webcomics world, there's nothing stopping you but you.

EDIT:Dark Horse is also running something similar in the form of their New Recruits.

I have no problems.

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I have no problems.

Though thanks for bringing up the Dark Horse talent search. It's some pretty usefull news for a lot of people, I think.

Sorry about all the screwing

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Sorry about all the screwing around with this post, I was trying to change the publishing time to get it to appear at the top of the page and the AM/PM system is utterly confusing to me.