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Major New Interview with Scott McCloud

June 20, 2006-- Author/artist Scott McCloud discusses his new book and fields questions about his previous ones in a major new interview conducted by Joe Zabel. Â

The feature commemorates the second anniversary of The Webcomics Examiner, a weekly forum of reviews, interviews, and critical articles evaluating webcomics as a fine art. The free-access website is at

Much of the interview covers McCloud's new book, Making Comics, which comes out in September. McCloud also devotes considerable time to fresh assessments of his previous landmark books Understanding Comics and Reinventing Comics. And in a rare behind-the-scenes look at comics page creation, McCloud engages in extensive discussions of selected pages from Zot and Understanding Comics. Â

Conducted earlier this year, the interview consumed over three hours of recording time; it was edited down to a series of pithy exchanges, but remains one of the longest features The Examiner has ever published.

Press contact:Â Joe Zabel,