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New Poker Webcomic: Life's a Bluff

LIFE'S A BLUFF, a webcomic about all things poker launches today. It's written by poker enthusiast Frank Frisina and drawn by some other guy.Â


A new kind of gamer comic, huh? I really like it guys.

djcoffman wrote:drawn by

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[quote=djcoffman]drawn by some other guy. [/quote]

Ha. I actually thought to myself "Wow DJ is really blowing off the artist on this comic. Why is he even making a post about it if he thinks the art is that bad."


This looks like a great

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This looks like a great comic - added feed to my list.

I've been wondering recently if you full-timers ever thought about trying to duplicate your success with other comics. With this and Scott releasing Captain Amazing, I guess that's a "yes."Â

Steve "Fabricari" Harrison
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Steve "Fabricari" Harrison

Ive always been a freelance

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Ive always been a freelance cartoonist first and foremost, so I'll draw whatever-- well except for XXX stuff, even though theres TONS of money in that, I just cant do it.

Holy Crap, I have morals!

Like It!

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Nice idea DJ - be interesting to see what you do with it and whether you pick up new readers from online poker.Â


Xaviar Xerexes

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Honestly, it was all

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Honestly, it was all Franky's brainchild, I just draw the pictures-- heh. I've heard those poker fanatics are pretty rabid though!