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Real life toons

Yesterday I was drawing myself as a toon, but it wasn't me.

So I remembered some artists make fun of themselves with their own self-portrait as Akira Toriyama of dragonball, he always drew himself as a robot as a pun that he always works like a machine.

So the search for web artists started - look what I found:

[XEREXES: Read more for webcomic creators and their creations]

Gabe & Tycho

their universe 616 evil clones



Wanted Toy hunter, rumored robot in disguise

David Willis

his movie version



Fred Gallagher

Who is this guy?



-err X-BOX

Tim buckley

ERR sorry my mistake

X-BOX 360



Scott Kurtz

Scratch the destroyer of worlds robot


Kristofer Straub


the movie star as seen in youtube



John Allison

he scares me

he scare me more


Now I have learned a lesson about selfportrait, we can save the money to avoid plastic surgery , or become a really big alien monster or whatever we want to be.

thats all for today BYE.

I can't decide which one is prettier

Tim  Demeter's picture

Cartoon Tim:


Cold, hard, reality:

Tim Demeter
Reckless Life

Tim Demeter
does a bunch of neato stuff.
Bustout Odds


Uncle Ghastly's picture

Ah yes, the ol' artist/portrait comparison.

I was lovingly (I think) mocked by some fellows on a website called 4chan in a parody of a less lovingly mock of Fred Gallagher's self portrait.

This was the result.

Wishful Thinking Ghastly