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Steven Grant has an interesting bunch of musings over at his Permanent Damage column this week. And while his focus is on print as usual, he does have a few points that I think anyone making comics needs to consider.

A few points that stuck out at me:

"Why "self-publishing" (AKA vanity press) in the book world is (not always correctly) greeted with derision, because it implies the author was not able to clear even the lowest standards of quality publishers, which in many cases aren't all that high to start with."


"'s not enough to tap into an alternate genre, you have to give the existing fans of that genre - who most likely aren't already comics fans - something they can't get in the genre's existing format. "

Makes sense, even in webcomics where "niche" is always the word of the day.

He also sums up some stuff he said on The Engine about what writers like to see from artists. This one has always been a bugaboo of mine since I'm always struggling with it and would like to see others do so as well.

"Backgrounds, in proportion."

Anyway, he always has interesting stuff to say, and with the death of Ninth Art recently, useful comics commentary is sorely needed.