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More On The Comic Book Challenge

There was a long (civil!) discussion in the comments to this first post on Platinum Studio's Comic Book Challenge. Scott Rosenberg, the Chairman of Platinum emailed me to tell me they had read the discussion here and were making efforts to provide further information on the contest. If you're interested in that there's now a FAQ at The Comic Book Challenge site and an interview with Scott Rosenberg at the comic book news site Broken Frontier. (And full disclosure, The Comic Book Challenge is now running banner ads at Comixpedia)

Also in the interview, Rosenberg notes the somewhat similar Comic Book Resources' Comic Book Idol competition which seems to have been a one-shot deal in 2004 (or does it take place every year?). Maybe we need one of these contests for webcomics?...

Scott Kurtz and I just

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Scott Kurtz and I just interviewed Scott Rosenberg for the TalkAboutComics podcast. I'll have that up either later tonight or tomorrow morning. We asked a few questions that haven't been asked yet about the contest.

It's also worth noting that

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It's also worth noting that Digital Strips has a new podcast up where they chat with Scott Rosenberg and discuss the Comic Book Challenge and webcomics.

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