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Google Checkout

Not GBuy, but Google Checkout is the name of Google's new payment service. While difficult to speculate in what it will mean for webcomic businesses, the fees are lower than Paypal's which certainly is one argument in favour of Google.

Not safe yet

Kisai's picture

The problem is that it's not FDIC insured like paypal is, this was one of the reasons paypal caught so much flack for being the fraudsters choice in scamming people.

(This is also why Terms and Conditions saying your use of the service is entirely at your own risk.)

Google needs to head off the fraudsters AND make it possible to be used by all legal services, unlike the current paypal trend of siezing the funds stored in webcomic authors acounts who run R-rated webcomics. (See sexylosers for an example)

It's interesting but Google

djcoffman's picture

It's interesting but Google will have to do better or offer more for this to work or make me stop using paypal.