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New Guest Bloggers and New Cover Art

If you're interested in advertising we've got lots of space available... nudge, nudge, know what I mean...

Now... welcome to this week's guest bloggers.

Michael Rouse-Deane (aka Moovok) has one of the best new webcomic-focused blogs, this one titled and focused on Webcomics In Print.

Reinder Dijkhuis is the creator of Rogues of Clywd-Rhan among other comics, on the web and off. (He is also the co-creator of the retro-future science fiction webcomic White House In Orbit which I encourage all Comixpedia readers to fall in love with and pester Reinder to finish!)

And... A big thanks to last week's guest bloggers: Jennie Breeden and Kisai!

Last but certainly not least - this month's cover art is from the co-creators of Alpha Shade - Joseph and Christopher Brudlos.