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New Scripts and Design Forums

I'm announcing the creation of two new forums at Comixpedia both dealing with aspect of the website part of webcomics. One for scripts (or host/services like WebcomicsNation) that automate sites and do all kinds of neat website things for us and one for design. These topics seem to get lost in the other forums and they both deserve more focus.

On the script side I'd like to point out the ongoing development of a webcomics module for the Drupal system (Comixpedia runs on Drupal) - I have a very Alpha/Beta version running at Altbrand but the coder, Jeff Eaton, is looking for feedback and input on its further development. With a finished and polished multi-comic module, Drupal would provide webcomics, news, forums, calendar and more to anyone wanting to set up their own site.

I'd encourage anyone interested (from the writing code side or from the like to see these features in it side) to go over to the Webcomics Module discussion group and put in their two cents. Jeff Eaton seems open to ideas and I may even help write some patches for the module this summer. To make it easier for Comixpedia'rs to participate over there I've added support for anyone to use their Comixpedia user id to log-in at (or So instead of having to register again just log-in there with "" and your comixpedia user id password. (You can do the same at if you want to log in and comment on my family's artwork/comics!)

And this new Scripts forum isn't only for Drupal. Talk about ATP, WordPress, WebcomicsNation or ComicGenesis or any other projects going. Hopefully we can all help each other out with ideas and technical knowledge.


Is anyone familiar with this one?

Looks like it has some promise. Clean installer, and an install backend.


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I posted this on the Scripts forum, and will post it here as well for the benefit of anyone who may not read the forums:

My favourite automation script is SomeryC.

You may also be interested to know that I wrote a tutorial for it.

I don't think it has every feature listed, but it's great for me, and the author is very good about helping users and implementing requested features.

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I've been quite pleased with

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I've been quite pleased with WordPress and the ComicPress 1.5 theme for it. Had to modify it a bit to make it bend to my will, but it turned out well in the end (now I just need to create the comics for it). Anyway, hopefully having to learn the inner workings of ComicPress will let me help anyone who wants to configure it in some other way than it comes "out of the box".

It will definitely be interesting to hear how others feel about the systems they are using. WebcomicsNation keeps tempting me, but I haven't made the leap yet.