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The Makeshift Miracle To Be Published By Udon.

This is cool news - an early webcomics hit is finally coming to print. Jim Zubkavich's The Makeshift Miracle was crafted in the dial-up era of webcomics where limited bandwidth made crafting beautiful webcomic art more akin to composing haiku then the no-file-sizes-barred approach of today. Even if you didn't know that you'd still think The Makeshift Miracle is a good looking comic.

Be sure to read the blog post - Jim's recounting of asking his boss at Udon whether they would be interesting in publishing his comic is funny as heck.

Udon, eh?

The William G's picture

There will be some bodacious boobies in that comic.

No DDs that I recall

Xaviar Xerexes's picture

It's already done - Jim did it on the web years ago. I don't think anything will be changed for the print version.


Xaviar Xerexes

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Gnaw.

I run this place! Tip the piano player on the way out.

Ahh, I know that

The William G's picture

I know, I just think it would be an amusing remake.